Saturday, 19 August 2017

Diversity in ugandan Ceramic jewelry

The above ceramic Jewelry are the samples of her works.

StellaNABAGGALA Stella
A graduate of BA Industrial Art in 2011, St Lawrence University Uganda. She has actively worked as a clay jewelry artist for 5 years through multimedia;
·         Textile
·          Metal
·          Terracotta paint 4.
·          Glass beads
·         Thread
·         Bark cloth
·         Bamboo
Her ceramic products are diverse namely:
v  Ear rings
v   Bungles
v   Necklaces
v   Bracelets
v   Hair holders
v  vases
categories and Sources of Inspiration derive from;
1.      Animal Prints (Zebra, leopard and Giraffe)
2.      Insects (Lady bird and Butterflies)
3.      Geometrical shapes
4.      Plants.
She has largely worked on the above media please feel free to ask. 
CONTACT her on the below.
Makerere University School of Fine and Industrial Art Department of Ceramics, Email:,

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Uganda community Art skill Development and Recycling UCASDR)working with Olam Brit Ten in the communities of Kalerwe

Olam Brit Volunteers working with UCASDR,we very happy to receive Volunteers from olam Brit

Volunteers and women from the community getting skills on how they can leave in better life with in the community.
one of the Group Photos after the activity
some of the participants with the Olam Brit Volunteers and the Director of UCASDR in the community of Kalerwe

One of the participants explaining her work .This activity has been made possible by apexart Nyc in   partnership with UCASDR and Joyce Gottelieb USA

Uganda commuity Art skill Development and Recycling UCASDR) Team,Jinja Municipaliy Meeting at Eskom Uganda

From Left its Mr sematimba Joseph,second Environmental officer Eskom Uganda,3rd Dr Mpiindi Ronald,Fourth Mr Bbalaba Edward,Fifth Tusiime Mathias Director UCASDR, Last its Acheng Robina Kazahura from Jinja Municipality.

MR Sematimba Joseph Design consultant with Tusiime Mathias Recycling specialist  Director UCASDR at the Eskom Uganda Reception.

From Left its Mr sematimba Joseph,second Environmental officer Eskom Uganda,Third Mr Ernest Nabihamba Environmental officer Jinja Municipality Forth Mr Edward Balaba Fifth,Tusiime Mathias,Mrs Acheng Robinah Kazahura from Jinja Municipality.It was a joy UCASDR to have a  meeting with both Eskom Uganda and Jinja municipality Members at Eskom Uganda offices in Jinja.
Thanks to our partners Apexart New york city,Joyce.R.Gottelieb

Friday, 21 July 2017

Uganda community Art skill development and recycling (UCASDR) working with volunteers from Brit Olam

Volunteers working with the women Group in Makerere Kataka
Volunteers looking at the products made by Our women Groups
                              A Group Photo after the workshop

                              About UCASDR and Brit Olam
Uganda community Art skill Development and Recycling (UCASDR) is a program that   links Art and Craft to environmental concerns through recycling skills development and innovation in Uganda.

UCASDR's vision is to develop and build regional skills development and Innovation centers that will provide Basic practical  skills to unprivileged people in the community.

The UCASDR project major goal is to promote Innovation, Creative skills, Environmental Sustainability within grass root Communities in Uganda.
It helps to bridge the skills acquisition gaps between higher institutions of learning and the grass root communities.
UCASDR was registered in 2012 to provide practical skills for Entrepreneurship and works on a voluntary basis using Art and design as tools for social change, also working as a mobile Vocational program in order to provide equal opportunities to other communities away from its base providing skills for social change.
The UCASDR program  major goal is to promote Innovation/ Creative skills, Environmental Sustainability, Rehabilitation and Therapy within Communities in Uganda.
It helps to bridge the skills acquisition gaps between higher institutions of  learning and the grass root communities.
                                     Here is about : Brit Olam

Brit Olam – International Volunteering and Development is an Israeli public association established in 2005. Our activities include developing and executing community-based development programs to reduce poverty and vulnerability in developing countries, as well as providing relief and rehabilitation projects in states of humanitarian crises.
Brit Olam leadership is composed of practitioners and academics in the fields of development and civil society as well as concerned citizens from the Israeli business and diplomatic sectors. Members and activists come from diverse fields, including education, law, medicine, psychiatry, social work, clinical psychology, business, community development and international development. Most of its activities are carried out on a voluntary basis.
Drawing on Israeli expertise in the fields of community development, health, arts and education, agriculture and others, Brit Olam develops programs for disadvantaged communities around the world, providing them with relevant knowledge and skills so they can create a better future for themselves. With the help and knowledge of professional and non-professional volunteers, Brit Olam helps disadvantaged communities to develop and become sustainable and independent from external  international or local aid and enjoy a better well-being.
Our activities include training and dispatching volunteers from Israel and from the Jewish world to developmental missions worldwide; initiating and operating model programs in the fields of education, community health and agriculture in developing countries; providing relief aid and rehabilitation programs to communities stricken by natural or manmade disasters; and more. Brit Olam programs are operated jointly with local and international development organizations.

We thanks to our partners  ,Apexart Newyork city ,JoyceR Gottelieb USA

Jinja Municipality,Eskom Uganda Invited UCASDR Team members for the Dinner During Jinja Golf course tournament at Jinja Golf Course.

Above its Members having the dinner .It was a delightful to be invited for above  mentioned  we thank the team which invited us.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Makerere University,CEDAT Staff with Uganda community Art skill Development and Recycling(UCASDR) and Jinja Municipality Team on Field study at Maseses Landing Site.

Above are staff of CEDAT-Makerere University,UCASDR Members and a team from Jinja Municipality

Above are staff of CEDAT-makerere University, UCASDR Members and a team from Jinja Municipality second left is Jinja Deputy Mayor