Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Dr. des. Fiona Siegenthaler, Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology, University of Basel Switzerland Visits UCASDR program.

© Fiona Siegenthaler

 © Fiona Siegenthaler
© Fiona Siegenthaler
Dr. des. Fiona Siegenthaler, Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology, University of Basel Switzerland Visits UCASDR program.
It was a great honor for UCASDR to host Fiona. Her research looks at the relationship and intersection of art and social space.
Our  program in Kalerwe community uses art to change the image of the area through providing art therapy, sanitation, art in health for local communities, creative skills and design for sustainability.
Uganda Community Art Skill Development and Recycling (UCASDR) was registered in 2012.
We have been working within Kalerwe Market area on Gayaza Road for the past one year making artwork.
The Kalerwe Market has different sections; the market, the slum around the market, tiny factories and it is very congested.
You can find very low income house-holds with adults, youth and children.
During an  interview with the local leaders and residents it was said that due to unemployment in the area, some of the  youths have resorted to petty crime and a number of them end in prison.
Therefore, the community leaders hope this program creates educational leisure time occupation, employment, therapy and sanitation for the youth, thus reducing the crime rate in the area.
Please follow our blog  for successful activities .
We are grateful to Godwins Primary School for providing us free space for our community activities.
Please keep following us, watch out for our upcoming movie about arts in health and sanitation for local communities .
We believe art can change the artists and people around them.
Tusiime Mathias

Monday, 24 August 2015

Meeting Proffessor khalid kodi at Nomo Gallery Kampala

Khalid presenting to Uganda Artists and Designers Association at Nomo Gallery Kampala Uganda

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Uganda Visual Artist and Designers Association to host prof Khalid Kodi from Boston college USA

                                              You are all invited for presentation at Nommo Gallery

Saturday, 8 August 2015

UCASDR to work with Khalid Kodi Adjunct professor from Boston college USA Fine Arts Department and DIETER DEJONGHE from Academy of Fine Arts Kortrijk ,Belgium.

UCASDR to work with   Khalid Kodi Adjunct professor from Boston college USA  Fine Arts Department and  DIETER  DEJONGHE  from Academy of Fine Arts Kortrijk ,Belgium.
 UCASDR would like to acknowledge the invaluable contribution towards its development  by   participating in our charitable activities.
 We  provide basic skills to  the grass root communities in Uganda .
May  God reward them abundantly.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Recycling for sustainability and Environmental friendly

Recycling for sustainability and Environmental  friendly
  Researching and experimenting with Uganda's used plastics   to  encourage  more sustainability  and Environmental  friendly by recycling. This will help  to keep environment clean, protect global warming  and others.
Art work is made out of plastic and sand.
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