Saturday, 24 February 2018

Makerere University and Alto UNiversity Finand Problems Based Learning(PBL)Students to invite UCASDR

Group picture after the workshop in front of College of Engineering Design Art and Technology(CEDAT)

Muhonen Matleena From Alto University Finland and Tusiime Mathias UCASDR
College of Engineering Design Art and Technology (CEDAT) students and Alto university students showing the innovated brick from plastic bottles.

Here is the poster UP-PLASTIC: Pre-event for Go Green week February 23, 2018

It was a honor and a privilege to be 
invited by two student teams, one from Makerere University college of Engineering Design Art and Technology, and another from Alto university in Finland, who have been working to solve problems based in communities through learning, example, turning plastic waste into valuable products,  was done during the workshop at CEDAT.
Students have innovated oven that melts plastics into bricks for construction.
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I hope this is the only way how challenges will be solved though higher #institutions# of learning working with local communities to solve problems in the societies as well fill the gap between higher institutions of learning and grass root communities.
Thanks #Alto University#Makerere university#students#and# lectures# for the invitation#
The project is collaboration between Makerere University and Alto University was brought to live within the three-year Problem-Based-Learning (PBL) East Africa initiative, which brings together multidisciplinary student teams from four universities to develop sustainable solutions to community challenges in 2017–2020 and aims to strengthen Problem-Based Education in East African Universities. Learn more about PBL East Africa  
We thank makerere University and Alto University for providing us the venue to showcase our work while engaging in UP-PLASTIC: Pre-event for Go Green week February 23, in front of CEDAT.

Friday, 26 January 2018

UCASDR to hosts Apexart New York city international fellowship in kampala Uganda December 29th2017 to january 27th 2018.

We are very happy and excited Uganda community Art skills Development and Recycling(UCASDR) to host  first ever Apexart internationally fellowship kampala Uganda in December 29th2017 to  January 27th 2018.
Eric Krancevic is currently visiting Kampala from New York, where he is immersed in a program of visits and meetings to learn about Ugandan culture and society.

Eric Krancevic is the first fellow Visiting from New York City to kampala-uganda.
  The apexart Fellowship program  is an unusual opportunity for artist Fellows to travel to an unfamiliar location and receive a 30-day schedule of non-art activities and meetings. The goal of this is to introduce Fellows to new ideas and sources of inspiration that might have an effect on their work. The meetings arranged for this program are not promotional in any way. Instead, they allow for Apexart Fellows to get an inside look and first-hand information about organizations, initiatives, and people throughout the city. You may read more about Eric on his fellowship page:
Thanks to all our partners during the Apexart international program #US Embassy Kampala#jinja municipality#sanyu babies home#Makerere university#kataremwa chishare#
We partnered with so many people and organisations we thank those who participated in the program.
For details here is the link for  Erics Felowship in kampala
 Local Coordination: Mathias Tusiime, apexart NYC Fellow 2014
Raymond Nsereko, apexart NYC Fellow 2017
More images will be published very soon,kindly keep following.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Turning insect Into revenue: employment of Water Hyacinth In Ugandan communities around Rivers and lakes.

Mathias Tusiime harvestingWater Hyacinth   to make products as resource utilization in Uganda as well environmental sustainability in Uganda and the great lakes region.

Friday, 15 December 2017

The Turkish Ambassaddor to uganda H E R Sedef Yavuzalp Meets Mathias Tusiime

 H.E.R. Sedef Yavuzalp Meets Mathias Tusiime,it was a great honour to meet the Turkish Turkish Ambassador to Uganda who doubles as an Artist and the Ambassador.

From the left is  Turkish Ambassador,second left is a Turkish Artist and the staff from the Turkish Embassy Kampala Uganda.This was very interesting and memorable,as the Director of UCASDR hope in future to have a collaboration between Turkish Artists and Uganda community Art skill Development and Recycling(UCASDR).Tusiime Mathias-Artist,Founder,and Director UCASDR. 

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Chriss Evans and Mathias Tusiime

It was a joy meeting with chriss evans.Chris evans is Ugandan singer/Musician who has sang wide range of songs.please here is some of his songs,please listen to his music.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Interview with Masters Students,Masters in Fine Art at makerere University in College of Engineering Design Art and Technology-MTSIFA

It was a great honor  to meet Masters students and have interview about my Artistic experience. our discussion was a bout research and  innovations,materials, lectures I have made here in Uganda and abroad  community activities and work experiences.
Tusiime Mathias.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Problem Based learning Team Aalto University and Makerere University Visits Uganda community Art skill Development and Recycling (UCASDR)

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Hand made canvas from recycled Materials.
 In the picture is Tusiime Mathias -Director UCASDR, Raymond  Nsereko Makerere -UCASDR,Matleena and Matias -Aalto PBL Team As well Students from College of Engineering Design Art and Technology (CEDAT)
On behalf of CEDAT -Makerere University Problem Based learning Project (PBL)
the team was shown UCASDR Innovations and on going research in re-cycling,canvas,plastic sculptures,bark cloth,textile off cuts and paintings made from variety of recycled materials.
UCASDR is excited to look forward working together with both Makerere and Aalto University, Suburban communities,NGOS and Governmental promote innovations and skills developments for sustainable  development in Uganda.