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Art and The Community News

Art and The Community

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DSC_4018-900The innovation of bark cloth paper and its use in art work, coupled together with different research and experiments with alternative, organic materials for canvas such as grass, sisal, sugar cane husks and maize covers. This was the innovative art work showcased at the Art and Community Exhibition, by artist, Mathias Tusiime.
Art and the Community exhibition showcased Tusiime’s experiments with paper production from recycled materials as well as painting from his heart have been shared with young often unemployed people of Kalerwe a poor neighborhood in the outskirts of Kampala
Mathias Tusiime has been a grounds man at the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art since 1999, he however did not allow his job to define all that he was. With great curiosity and a desire to learn, he interacted and engaged with art students and art teachers who helped guide and direct his raw talent.
Without any formal education, the self-taught artist and paper maker has developed a unique personal style of painting which has seen him blossom in the art scene both nationally and internationally.
The Uganda Community Art Skill Development and Recycling (UCASDR) project, was also officially launched during the opening of the exhibition. This project, in which Mathias is   director, uses Art and Craft to address health issues and also helps impart entrepreneurial skills to young people. Through the UCASDR project, Tusiime works with and has been able to empower the unprivileged people of Kalerwe suburb in Kampala by teaching them craft skills that can help them to earn a living.
Art and The Community Exhibition was opened at Makerere Art Gallery on 9th July 2015 and run through the 1st of August 2015.
please follow the link bellow on College of Engineering Design Art and Technology (CEDAT) Website

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Refugee & Hope International to select Uganda community Art skill Development and Recycling,(UCASDR) team member to train music and dance to the refugees living in Kampala Kansanga on voluntary basis for one month.


It was great fun at Refugee and Hope International Kansanga, Uganda as a the youth from different countries and several cultures coming together to sing and dance their music and dance in a talent show under the theme “I GO THE MILE”.
I was so privileged to volunteer as the performing arts trainer, through which I got a chance to train and guide music and dance rehearsals for one month before the talent show. Each country and culture was represented as far as music and dance is concerned.
Several countries were represented including Uganda, Congo, North Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and Nigeria. You can imagine how exciting it was to dance and sing the cultural music and dances of all these countries.
Someone may ask ……”what was the intention for such a performing arts item?” Here is the simple answer. For such a community of refugees, an item of singing and dancing their cultural music and dance means a lot to them. First and foremost singing and dancing their music works as a psychological therapy from the effects of war, conflicts and displacement. This music and dance brings back the good memories experienced back at home and increases the hope that one day they will go back home.
In addition the talent show intended to increase socialization and teamwork among these people that come from different parts of the world. After all the pain and sorrow that come with wars and displacement, separation from family and loved ones, the refugees need someone to talk to, to share life experience with, someone to show them love and care, someone to bring a smile on their faces. A smile, just a smile is all they need to keep on moving.
Therefore I was so much happy and touched whenever we smiled together, shared life experiences and moments of fun and happiness during the course of the music and dance training. It was overwhelming learning the music and cultural dances of all the countries mentioned above.
 At long last the long awaited day was there for us to rejoice in! You need to have been there for you to understand what I am talking about. Many items were presented among which were singing, rapping, modeling, drama, fashion show, poems and of course the mighty item; cultural dance.
The cultural music and dance was extremely exciting…… as I played the drums for each of the cultural dance, I felt like heaven was on earth, and as each culture stepped forward to present their dance, the audience could not hold it any longer, so everyone stood up to join us and the whole venue was wild with dancing, ululations, clapping, cheering and enjoying the different cultural music and dance. It was indeed an evening back home!
Support the refugees and other people in need morally, socially, and materially whenever you can

Geradine  kiconco
Ugandan graduate
 Bachelor’s degree in music
Makerere University.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Artworks on Sale to Fundraise for UCASDR Activities

The purpose of this post is to showcase artworks that I am selling to help me support the activities of
Uganda Community Art Skills  Development and Recycling.
At the moment UCASDR has no permanent home/office however construction work is underway and funds are required for roofing and other finishings requirements. It is upon this background that I am putting up this work for sale in order to fundraise for this and other pressing needs of the organisation. Therefore I urge you all my followers and all those who have UCASDR at heart to support this cause through buying an artwork. I thank you.

Empowerment  (Mixed Media) Price 1000$

Hospitality (Mixed Media) 110 x73 cms Price 1000$

In Between (Mixed Media) 54 x78 cms 500$

Which Way (Acrylic on Canvas) Price 200$
In case you are interested in purchasing an artwork please contact me on or Tel: +256752533122

Friday, 23 October 2015

DESIGN, INNOVATION AND THE COMMUNITY by Uganda Community Art Skill Development and Recycling(UCASDR)

Children at  work during the workshop

Ssekito Kalule Emmanuel posing with the children after the workshop

As UCASDR our goal is to promote innovation/creative skills, environmental sustainability, rehabilitation and therapy within communities in Uganda.
We are privileged to receive a student “Ssekito Kalule Emmanuel” from College of Engineering Design Art and Technology (CEDAT) Makerere University to do his research with us.
This student is doing his research for his final year project “toy making”about how the children art in form of toy making can contribute to development of the technologies in Uganda hence boosting the industrial sector development.
He believes that children are the most creative beings in the world and the right people to approach regarding the matters of creative thinking.                                                             
On 17th Oct. 2015 the researcher Ssekito Kalule had his workshop with us at Kalerwe Market and the results were tremendous. The researcher spent the day sharing his art experience with the community while inspiring the children. Majority of the children made wonderful toys in form of mobile phones , cars and others respectively while the minority made charcoal stoves and spoons.
The researcher therefore believes that art is the exchange of ideas with individuals regardless of their social status and age.
UCASDR has taught children to express their ideas without limitation thus the results.
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By  Tusiime Mathias

The Art and Community Exhibition was opened at Makerere Art Gallery on 9th July 2015
Mathias Tusiime the artist was presenting Research and Innovation on bark cloth paper.
When asked about his ambition, this was what he said. “I have been researching and experimenting with Uganda's natural resources to encourage more sustainability and environmental friendly products as well as value addition to domestic production. With the creation of bark cloth paper, I hope to offer students an alternative material to imported paper and an incentive to plant more trees.”   
Art works are made on Canvas produced locally from indigenous materials like grass, sisal, sugar cane husks, maize covers and other materials around the community. This innovation was one of its kinds in Uganda, if not in the whole world and has won several awards including the current one at Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiative (BGCI) Environmental award 2015 in Australia.
Secondly, at the same day the Artist launched the community program called Uganda Community Art, Skills, Development and Recycling (UCASDR). Sales from the exhibition went to facilitate the Grass root community skills development programs activities through [UCASDR]
Uganda community Art skill Development and Recycling (UCASDR) is a program that   links Art and Craft to environmental concerns through recycling skills development and innovation in Uganda. It also uses Art and Craft to address health issues and also entrepreneurial skills development to the local communities.
“Our vision is to develop and build regional skills development and Innovation centers that will provide basic skills to unprivileged people in the community,” said Mathias Tusiime.
The UCASDR project major goal is to promote Innovation/ Creative skills, Environmental Sustainability, Rehabilitation and Therapy within Communities in Uganda.
It helps to bridge the skills acquisition gaps between higher institutions of learning and the grass root communities, and to easy access/enhance of research in the grass root communities
As one of the activities there was an opening by the chief guest, Assoc. Prof. George William Kyeyune, the Director Institute of Heritage Restoration and Conservation.
The exhibition was accompanied by a live band, some performance by the local artists, and a Mural painting activity which was sponsored by peacock paints and the exhibition ended on 1st August 2015.
I thank the College of Engineering Design Art and Technology (CEDAT) for standing with me and for the sponsorship. I specifically want to thank the Principal of CEDAT, Professor Henry Arinaitwe, the College Bursar Mr. Stephen Kayima and the Head of Department of Fine Art, Assoc. Prof. Francis Xavier Ifee of the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts (MTSIFA) for the enormous inspiration.
Without the financial and technical support of the staff mentioned above, my innovative skills and the program would not have been successful.
I hope to do more innovative programs for the development of my University as we build for the future irrespective of the challenges faced.
I thank Joyce R. Gottelieb -USA, Pepsi Cola, Peacock paints for the support, Mr. John Bosco Kanuge, Mr. RaymondNsereko, Mr. Joseph Sematimba, the Curator of the exhibition Ann Kucma, and lastly Prof. Philip Kwesiga
 photographs and video at the opening of the art exhibition, also this information can be accessed on
 Tusiime Mathias
Artist at school of Industrial and Fine Art-Makerere University,

Friday, 9 October 2015

community sensetatisation on hygyien and sanitation through Drama

This Drama teaches the grass root communities on Health issues ,the Drama is in local  language For those who don't know the local language(luganda we are  looking for support  to translate into English.Thank you

Monday, 5 October 2015

Art and community Exhibition catalogs by Tusiime mathias are available

Above are the Catalogs of My Art exhibition at Makerere University Art Gallery,  support please contact me 
Tusiime Mathias Artist
Thank you!!