Thursday, 16 April 2015

Hygiene and Sanitation workshop: By Uganda Community Art Skill Development and Recycling (UCASDR)

Brezlo members (Directors) also the  Former students at School of Industrial and fine Arts- Makerere University looking at the Work produced by Ucadsr students during Hygiene and sanitation workshop

One of the Brezlo member excited by work produced by the UCASDR children

Work produced by children during the workshop in kalerwe at Godwin primary school

Work by the children during the workshop in kalerwe at God wins primary school
Hygiene and Sanitation  workshop:  By Uganda Community Art Skills Development  and Recycling  (UCASDR)
Last week Uganda community Art skills Development and recycling,  trained kalerwe children to use Art to Address ,hygiene and sanitation issues
This came to my mind due to poor sanitation around the place which includes poor disposal of garbage. Therefore I have employed recycling to handle this challenge and improved skill development hence job creation sustainability leading to low Virtuous cycle of poverty ,theft etc.
Participants  used skills acquired to draw  sanitation and Hygiene objects used in a home.
We were privileged  to host former students of school of Industrial and Fine Arts Makerere University students and the Founders of Brezlo,  a photography and Video editing company  located a long Sir Apollo Kagwa Road.
 On behalf of UCASDR I extend my  Gratitude towards  Joan and Geraldine  students from Performing Arts and Film -Makerere University
Brezlo Photography and Editing company and The Management of Godwins for providing a free space for the workshops.
I believe Art can change the society.please keep following me!!

Monday, 13 April 2015

International school of Uganda students Tamara Rode excites me!!

International school of Uganda students Tamara Rode excites me!!
I was Glad to be invited by international school of Uganda(ISU) Located along Entebbe Road -Lubowa for the students art exhibition ,it was so  wonderful to meet an Artist by the name of Tamara Rode she uses Art to address water issues ,Economic and social issues in the community.  I was impressed  by her  beautiful  colors, titles and her  themes are so educative and catching ,especially  my favorite was  the water scarcity which reminds me of  the Scarcity of water  in my community  where  I live. see the link of water problems in Uganda
  The gay bill in Uganda  raised so many questions and answers  in the country(Uganda)  in this show the Art work titled the Gay Bill attracted a lot of attention from  the viewers including students and  other Art lovers.
I Thank  the  Art Teacher Mr. Bogart Pascal for nurturing the talents of  these Young children.
Tusiime Mathias
Fine Artist interested in the community Development, sustainability through skills Development and recycling.
Below  is more information on above Art work in the picture:

Project Number3
For the Vast majority of residence in Uganda clean water is scarce and precious ,only 17%have piped water. Although, water is essential  for the survival ,for personal hygiene ,for the growing of crops  and for simple consumption it appears to be a luxury. with this piece I wanted to emphasize the importance  of clean water and its value. The woman in painting  is wearing a necklace  made out of water drops with pride, as if it would be made out of Diamond.
Size 50cms x80cms                                 Technique:acrylic.

Artist:Tamara Rode
Project Number 8
Project Title: Gay Rights
The ant Homosexuality bill was signed into Law by the president of Uganda on 24 February 2014 it punishes same sex relations  with time in prison the separation by Law of the two main characters is represented by alteration of colors .Their attraction can be sensed by their facial expression my inspiration for this piece was Fancies  Nielly. she is a French  modern artist that works with abnormal colors  and vast variety of facial expression.
size 80cms x80 cms                             Technique soft pastel

Tamara Rode

Project Number 10

Project Title: Big Fish

This painting critics ethics in business. this surrealistic painting of a fish in a suit inspired by the failure to prosecute the promoters of corruption in Uganda .The Figure speech  "letting the big fish swim" means to not act against the the inequality and letting the high rank individuals abuse their power for personal again. For the background I used soft pastel and water to create a flowing  effect. Then I utilized water colours  for  the head of the fish and acrylic paint for the suite.