Thursday, 23 October 2014

Welcoming Ms Betsy Brown to Uganda Community Art Skills Development and Recycling(UCASDR).

I would like to officially welcome Ms Betsy Brown to the Uganda community Art skills Development and Recycling, team as a Volunteer and the project adviser. she brings on board a wealthy of skills project evaluation and innovation.
she has been to Uganda on two occasions she regards it as her second home.
she has greatly supported Ucasdr activities directly and indirectly .
 Therefore  I thank her  for offering this service to  Uganda CommunityArt Skills Development and Recycling .This gesture is appreciated and acknowledged by the UCASDR team and the community it serves.
Tusiime Mathias

Monday, 20 October 2014

Research and innovation:Tusiime Mathias Introduces Hand made barkcloth paper from Uganda Bark Tree(Omutooma)

Above is the hand made paper from Bark cloth Tree by Tusiime Mathias
Above is the Art work made on the Uganda Hand made Bark cloth paper by Tusiime mathias 

Please keep on following me more  Innovations coming up!!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Makerere University,Lecturer Balaba Edward to Volunteer in the Uganda community Art skills Development,Recycling and Innovaton project on a theme: My Amazing Dream

                                      Balaba Edward ,Rogers,chairpeson and  Tusiime with  children the workshop.

                                                   Bbalaba Edward Giving children's skills

                                          chairperson Demonstrating to the children bellow is children's work after the workshop

 The training was attended by more 35 children staying in and around kalerwe area, Also in attendance local council chairperson was  there.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Tusiime Mathias Visit to United states Experience in painting

The Art work above shows my Visit experience in the USA and the canvas is made in Uganda by Tusiime Matthias innovations, this canvas is one of a kind in Uganda.
Kindly follow me am planning to make a pamphlet  out of my life experiences

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Joyce R Gottelieb from USA, Los Angeles, California Donates Art Materials to UCASDR

Joyce R Gottelieb from USA, Los Angeles, California Donates Art Materials to UCASDR

I had the joy of meeting Joyce R Gottelieb and the husband while they were volunteering in Uganda Kampala for six weeks in November 2008.

Joyce is an Art Lover and collector. She  studied art history in graduate school.
Joyce and the Husband were the chief Guests and Organizers together with Uganda Art consortium at my Art show at Shadravan Art Gallery in Oakland, California USA on 2nd 
 August 2013. 

Since 2008 Joyce has been promoting my talent by sending me art materials and has  been my great supporter during my two trips to the United  states.

Her support inspired me to develop the idea of starting a project called Uganda community Art skills Development and Recycling (UCASDR)  to provide free skills to unprivileged people in the communities of Uganda.
I decided to give back to the community because of the support others have given me as a self taught Artist.

Uganda community Art skill Development and Recycling(UCASDR) is now supported by sales from my Art works and well wishers who donate Art materials plus a group of volunteers who teach the children.

The program provides Basic skills to empower the communities and trains in Local languages such that everyone understands.

Therefore I thank Joyce for her kind heart, great support, and the humanitarian work she has done for the community in Uganda.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Makerere university Lecturer Mr Nsereko Joseph Raymond Donated Art Materials to UCASDR to make Arts in Healthcare workshop possible at the Bless child foundation

The workshop was conducted by Tusiime Mathias the Director Ucasdr to cancer children patients at Bless the child foundation and I was welcomed by Ms Joan kiyega .

 I received an invitation to provide skills   to  Cancer children patients at the Bless the child Foundation.

Bless the child provides a home for Cancer children and there is a need of Arts in Health care practioners  to work with  the children who are Cancer positive to make their faces smile.

Tusiime mathias  giving skills at Bless the child Foundation.
In the picture above third  from right is the Joan Kiyega with the children after the workshop at Bless child Foundation.
Mr Nsereko Joseph Raymond is a lecturer of Design in the college of Engineering Design Art and Technology-Makerere University