Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Famous Ugandan Curator Nagawa Margaret Visits UCASDR Art centre

Margaret Nagawa,  Tusiime Mathias, in the Middle is the Little Joyce The Daughter of Tusiime

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for choosing UCASDR as your place to visit today.
Nagawa Margaret  have been an artist for over 20 years.
 She  graduated with first class honors Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (1994) from Margaret Trowell School of Fine Arts, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.
She earned her Masters degree in Fine Arts Administration and Curatorship (1998), from Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.
Margaret Nagawa is the First Curator to visit UCASDR Arts centre has many responsibilities participating, a maker of fine arts, a curator, a promoter, and a collector of fine arts.

UCASDR- Uganda community Art skill Development and Recycling (UCASDR) is a program that   links Art and Craft to environmental concerns through recycling skills development and innovation in Uganda.

UCASDR's vision is to develop and build regional skills development and Innovation centers that will provide basic practical skills to unprivileged people in the community.

The UCASDR project major goal is to promote Innovation, Creative skills, Environmental Sustainability within grass root Communities in Uganda.
It helps to bridge the skills acquisition gaps between higher institutions of learning and the grass root communities.

This program promotes sustainability of the grass root communities thus enabling them appreciate and share the skills with the local communities to improve  livelihoods.

Also, the program seeks to equip grass root communities with practical skills. To improve community creativity through community outreach activities.

UCASDR was registered in 2012 to provide basic practical skills for Entrepreneurship and works on a voluntary basis using Art and design as tools for social change,as well Art for Technology development  works as a mobile Vocational program in order to provide equal opportunities to other communities away from its base providing skills for social change.
The UCASDR program  major goal is to promote Innovation/ Creative skills, Environmental Sustainability, Rehabilitation and Therapy within Communities in Uganda.

It helps to bridge the skills acquisition gaps between higher institutions of  learning and the grass root communities.
This program is committed address social issues through practical skills Development ,like  high crime rate in some communities due to unemployment, poverty  According  to research this  was discovered that most youth in some  areas engages in  theft .The purpose of this project is to engage the people in that community in order to reduce number of crime committed   in the community as well we train people to become job creators  not job seekers and become self sustainable, develop a team of Unity, sharing and Giving.
This program was initiated by Tusiime Mathias, who started as a cleaner at school of Industrial and Fine Art-Makerere university and currently Ranked the fourth most growing contemporary plastic Artist  in world by  Artcrasy.
I found that there was a group of people which was left out, like local communities because of educational systems Uganda.
  Ugandan Education system consider papers and abig number of people did not get a chance to study in high levels of Education.
After several year practicing art, conducting  Research Using available materials for educational purposes and material cultural research sustainability  for law income earners.
Tusiime Mathias
Founder and Director - UCASDR