Monday, 4 January 2021

UCASDR is looking for Experienced Fanshion Designer as well must have knowledge in mantainanance and threading overlook Working will start in February 2021 Apply on

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 Fanshion Designer is needed as well must have knowledge in mantainanance and threading overlook

Working will start in February 2021

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Friday, 2 October 2020




Managing Director and Founder of RESTORE DIALOGUE UGANDA

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One of the most basic needs and rights of the human person is peace. Restore Dialogue Uganda, an organization that aims to promote peace, mediation and restorative justice in Uganda and the East African region,  organized an art exhibition under one of its programs; The Living Together Movement, to promote peace, interethnic and interfaith dialogue. The Living Together Movement is a global movement founded by International Center for Ethno Religious Mediation (ICERM) that aims at promoting peace and preventing interfaith and interethnic conflict.

The exhibition recognized the powerful voice and potential that artists and creatives have to promote peace. The works of the artists depicted their aspirations and ideals for a world living together in peace and using dialogue as a means to address their differences. Each artist together with the participants reflected on each of the ART pieces and the messages they portrayed, shared their experiences and views and explored ways in which the world can promote interfaith and interethnic dialogue to build a strong foundation for peace. They came to a common appreciation that the world is beautiful in its diversity, the children are pure and messengers of peace and living together, the leaders are responsible for promoting dialogue amongst themselves and the communities, the family is core in building up the minds of the young for or against peace and dialogue and ‘it all starts with the individual’. It doesn’t matter which religious, ethnic or political group one belongs to, we all aspire for peace and justice. Every one left with a stronger commitment to promote peace and dialogue in their everyday lives and in their professions.

The exhibition, which was organized at the Baha’i centre in Uganda and contributed to by the Baha’i community brought together people of different religions, ethnic backgrounds and organizations such as; Students without Borders, KQ Hub Africa, the Baha’i community members and the living together movement members.  The backdrop of the Baha’i temple and its peaceful and beautiful grounds greatly helped to portray the picture of a peaceful world that we are striving for.

Sunday, 23 August 2020

Thursday, 23 April 2020

James Nsamba from Namungona children Art centre to visit UCASDR Art Centre.

Its a joy James Nsamba from Namungona children Art centre to visit UCASDR Art Centre. We managed to show him around including our New equipments donated by Prof Casey Smith from Delaware college of Art and Design, as well the leather work products in progress at the centre that stoped due covid19.

Sunday, 19 April 2020

#VisualArts as a tool to communicate the situation during #Stayhome #staysafe #staywell at home #Many questions at home few answers ? #Government food #StayHome #farmilies #Government #freefood #Rent,#Demoticviolence , on #poverty #families have no #income since #lockdown #Bankloans #Electricity #violence #communities #Economic status #Covid19 #corona #therapy in the #communities #covid19.

Title: Many Questions few Answers
#Artist #Tusiimemathias #Uganda #Eastafrica
#Stayhome #staysafe #staywell at home #Many questions at home few answers

When is the #Government food arriving us?
StayHome  Head of #farmilies waiting for #GovernmentFreeFood.
As stay home continues the families are stressed Of Rent,Demotic violence increases, making strong rules based on poverty because families have no income.

Example :No  Suger today, no adding salt in sauce, we shall eat once aday, your lunch is porridge or no lunch today no super, no money for  water #bills,electricity, loan is taking me.
The above have increased violence in the communities as well you hide your but Economic status will bring you out.
This #Artwork is done basing on the #covid19 #lockdown experience today in the communities, as we are protecting our selves from #Covid19 other viruses are coming in
There is a need of #therapy in the communities after #covid19 #corona